We present to you a range dedicated to the cutting and pruning of all types of woody plants: equipment for cutting and pruning wood, equipment for harvesting aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM), and also equipment for vine growers!

We present to you a range dedicated to the cutting and pruning of all types of woody plants: equipment for cutting and pruning wood, equipment for harvesting aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM), and also equipment for vine growers!



  • Pruning tools

    Discover our selection of scissors, pruning shears, and secateurs among the most renowned in their fields: Silky, Okatsune, and Felco. These renowned brands are synonymous with quality, durability, and exceptional performance. Whether you are a professional gardener or a passionate amateur, our tools offer you unmatched precision and efficiency for all your pruning and cutting tasks.

  • Saws and axes

    Explore our range of cutting tools with Silky saws and Hultafors axes, renowned brands for their centuries-old craftsmanship and exceptional performance. Silky saws, rooted in Japanese tradition, combine innovation and precision for all your cutting tasks, whether you are a seasoned professional or a demanding enthusiast. On the other hand, Hultafors axes, hand-forged in Sweden, offer durability and reliability for over 140 years. Designed for professional loggers and outdoor enthusiasts, they meet the most demanding needs. Trust the legendary quality of these tools to accompany you in all your activities, from wood cutting to forest shelter construction. Discover the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation now with our Silky saws and Hultafors axes.

  • Ancient tools

    Discover our selection of old tools, still as relevant and unmatched, for pruning and cutting fresh, dried, or small woody plants. These traditional tools have withstood the test of time thanks to their unparalleled reliability and effectiveness. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a passionate amateur, these timeless tools provide the precision and performance needed for all your gardening tasks. Revive tradition with these authentic tools that continue to prove their worth!

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Anti-cut jaw

The anti-notch jaw is an accessory that can be installed to replace the standard jaw on your shrub puller or reinforced shrub puller. This version is equipped with a rubber protection that allows the shrub to be extracted gently, preserving the trunk. It is mainly designed for nurserymen, landscapers, and horticulturists who aim to extract shrubs intended for sale or for later replanting.

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Bigboy 360-10 pruning saw

The Silky Bigboy is a large folding saw ideal for cutting work and outdoor activities. This "Japanese" saw has a pulling cut, which provides great speed and a clean cut.

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Bonsai scissors Okatsune 200

The Okatsune 200 scissors are suitable for high-precision trimming and sculpting of your Bonsai or for precision work in the garden! These scissors are also ideal for the topiary art of boxwoods and pine trees in Japanese gardens. The sharp, extremely thin 75mm blades are designed to penetrate deep into the plant to cut soft parts such as leaves and twigs. These scissors are not suitable for cutting small branches; for that, use the Bonsai Okatsune 207 pruning shears.

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Bonsai Scissors Okatsune 206

Measuring 220 mm in length, these scissors are extremely lightweight and have been specially designed for precision trimming. The long, slender handles allow you to trim deep inside the shrub. You can effortlessly cut young branches and leaves with the very sharp 55 mm blade. Please note that these scissors are not suitable for cutting branches; for that purpose, use the Bonsai Okatsune 207 pruning shears .

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Carpenter's axe SY SV Hultafors

Forged steel axe with shot-blasted and varnished finish. A taper near the handle allows for gripping the hand above the blade for cutting work. Curved hickory handle.

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Double-edged brush cutter snake hook

Here is a 2-edged Brush Cutter for clearing and maintaining your land and undergrowth. This rugged forged tool consists of a curved edge for brush clearing and a straight edge for clearing. Its long handle makes it easy to use for plants that can defend themselves! Sturdy and with a sharp edge, this tool will accompany you for many years!

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Double-edged sickle 24 cm

Here is a two-edged Scythe for clearing and brush cutting your land and woods. This tool, forged in raw steel, consists of a curved edge for brush cutting and a straight edge for clearing. Sturdy and with a sharp edge, this tool will accompany you for many years!

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Épinette Felco 321

The 177mm straight chrome-plated blades with rounded tips of this spruce with rounded tips are ideal for all types of pruning or harvesting work. Designed to ensure optimal comfort, both the shock absorbers and its particularly flexible hairpin spring help reduce muscle tension. Intended for professionals in viticulture, arboriculture, greenhouse cultivation, as well as nursery workers and florists, the Felco 321 pruning shear will also meet the needs of demanding gardening enthusiasts.

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False / Japanese sickle Okatsune 405

The scythe is one of the oldest tools in humanity. The Okatsune 405 scythe is ideal for cutting grass, flowers, and weeding precisely. The scythe has a sharp curved blade with a length of 150 mm and a thickness of 2.0 mm. Its 335 mm long wooden handle is easy to spot in tall grass thanks to its red color. Lightweight, very sharp, the Japanese sickle is also safer and more secure to use than a traditional sickle.

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Forged lightweight sickles

We offer a range of sickles in three sizes (45 cm, 53 cm, and 62 cm) with a curved blade to mow without injuring your hands and reinforced by an outer rib.

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Hache merlin Premium Hultafors Hult

The Premium Hultafors Hult Merlin axe is a sturdy axe designed for splitting logs and wood. The shape of the head, combined with a slightly convex edge, allows for efficient wood splitting. The axe features a long, straight handle made of American hickory, providing optimal speed and control when splitting logs.

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Hayauchi 4-section pole saw with 480 blade

The Hayauchi telescopic saw provides access to hard-to-reach areas, making it the top choice for professional pruners and communities! This lightweight and easy-to-handle telescopic pole saw allows you to prune for long hours while minimizing fatigue. The Hayauchi's 480mm curved blade is equipped with Silky 4-RETSUME teeth, enabling deep cuts in wood, quick cutting of thicker branches, and flexibility for both push and pull sawing. It can handle large volumes of wood! Additionally, the blade can be adjusted to two different angles for pruning at higher levels or closer to the ground.

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Heavy forged sickles

Here are two sickles handcrafted by Jean-Luc Bonaventure from Forges de la Montagne Noire, located in the mountain range of the same name in the Tarn region! We offer them in two sizes (50 and 60 cm) depending on the type of plants to be harvested. Heavier than our other sickles , they will accompany you for a lifetime! With its small imperfections due to its artisanal design, each tool is unique and adds to the beauty of each piece.

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Manual Shrub Extractor for trees, and posts

The manual Brush Puller is designed for communities, landscaping professionals, farmers, and gardeners. It simplifies the uprooting of shrubs, small trees, trees, and stakes up to 80 mm in diameter in an ergonomic and fast way. The tool grabs the trunk at the base between its two jaws, providing the operator with a lever arm of 1.30 m to uproot with less effort. Attention, restocking delays for the Brush Puller can sometimes be long!

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Premium hiking hatchet Hultafors Ågelsjön

This is the smallest hatchet from Hultafors, suitable for hiking in the mountains or woods. Flexible and easy to use, it's perfect for a variety of tasks around camp, such as processing firewood and building shelters. With its short handle and light weight, it's easy to store in your backpack or clip to your belt. This hatchet has become a favorite of those who like to spend time around the campfire.

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Premium Hiking Hatchet Hultafors Hultån

The Hultafors Hultån Premium hiking axe is the perfect accessory to pack in your backpack for your camping getaways. Versatile and lightweight, it's also very handy for cutting small wood during your campfire evenings. Delivered with a leather case, this axe is built to last, so take good care of it to enjoy its performance on all your adventures!

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Premium Lumberjack Axe Hultafors Åby

The Åby forest axe is a magnificent hybrid with multiple uses. Åby features a straighter blade and sharpening, as well as a good notch under the head for increased precision. The long and slender ergonomic handle minimizes weight while providing great striking force. This axe is perfect for building shelters, processing firewood, carving, and precision work. In short, it is your ideal forest companion.

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Professional pruner Felco 22, 84 cm

The 84 cm long pruner provides great power and reduces the effort required during cutting. Its sturdy forged aluminum handles and rubber shock absorbers make the work easy, providing lightness and comfort. It allows a cutting diameter of 45 mm thanks to its powerful blades.

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Professional Sugoi 360 fixed pruning saw

The Silky Sugoi 360-6.5-5.5 is a practical fixed saw, ideal for professionals or demanding individuals. Thanks to its curved blade, this saw offers an advantage when working at height or close to the ground, as no extra force is needed to saw above the branch. This allows you to easily reach and cut more branches while keeping your arms, wrists, and hands in a natural and comfortable position.

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Pruner Felco 2 - 215 mm

The Felco 2 pruning shear is a quality, reliable, and durable tool, manufactured in Switzerland since 1948. Its exemplary design makes it suitable for all pruning tasks and is intended for both professional users and individuals. Its high-quality materials and precision manufacturing provide unmatched strength and comfort. The Felco 2 pruning shear comes with a spare blade.

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Pruners Okatsune 207

The Okatsune 207 spruce is sturdy and lightweight (120 g). Its very sharp pointed blades with a thickness of 3.3 mm are strong enough to cut small branches and thin enough to penetrate vegetation. This allows you to make a clean cut in hard-to-reach areas without damaging the surrounding stems. This pruner is also ideal for maintaining your bonsai, for trimming, sculpting, and thinning your plants. Additionally, this pruner is perfectly suited for cutting flowers with its sharp and razor-like blades. This versatile spruce falls between pruning shears and scissors.

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Pruning Saw Pocketboy 170-10

The Pocketboy 170-10 pruning saw is a true multifunctional saw. It quickly becomes ideal for various pruning activities in the garden, camping, bushcraft, or even for municipal employees. Despite its small size, it offers the same performance as its larger cousin the Bigboy ! Thanks to its compactness, the Pocketboy easily slips into your pocket, ensuring immediate availability. The lightness and perfect balance of the Pocketboy allow for exceptionally smooth cutting, even in dense spaces.

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Pruning shears Okatsune 306 with rounded...

The Okatsune 306 professional rounded-tipped pruning shears specially designed for cutting tender stems. The fine blades (2.3 mm) of these pruning shears are the thinnest in the Okatsune range. Its thinness combined with the rounded tips prevent damage to fruits, flowers, or even hands. These pruning shears can also be used for cuttings, pruning, and cutting string and paper. The Okatsune 306 pruning shears are not designed for cutting hard stems, for which it is recommended to use the Okatsune 307.

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Sharpening stone 28/29 cm

Sharpening stone about 28 cm long, designed to sharpen scythes, sickles, or your other cutting tools. The stone has a rather fine grain, allowing for a razor-sharp edge on your cutting tools.

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Sharpening stone for axes Hultafors

With the Hultafors sharpening stone, sharpen your axe with ease and safety. Its weight of 220 grams and its leather protective cover make it a practical accessory to carry everywhere you go. Equipped with two sides, this stone offers maximum versatility: one coarse side with a grit of 180, perfect for reshaping your axe or knife blade, and one fine side with a grit of 600 for precise sharpening of your axe. The stone is designed to provide a firm grip, allowing you to work safely. With this sharpening stone, your tools will always stay sharp, no matter where you are!

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Shears Okatsune 217: short handles, medium...

The medium-sized model from Okatsune with 30 cm handles and sharp 175 mm blades. Extremely lightweight, it is ideal for topiary art on boxwoods or Japanese gardens (o-karikomi) because you are closer to the work and more precise. Model 217 is also ideal for trimming in tight spaces. Its blades allow you to penetrate deep into the vegetation and quickly cut large areas.

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Shears Okatsune 230: long handles, long...

The "big" Okatsune shears! With 50 cm wooden handles and long sharp blades of 200 mm, its long handles provide a great reach, up to 2.5 meters of cutting. You can quickly cut large areas and easily penetrate deeply into bushes to cut low without bending.

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Stabilizer for uprooting shrubs & stakes

An optional stabilizer for bush pullers. This accessory is particularly suitable for working on wet and soft soils. It is equipped with two studs on each of its two adjustable arms, which significantly improves its stability. To facilitate the transport of this stabilizer, two handles are integrated into the frame.

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Tree pruner Felco 210, 60cm

The Felco 210 pruning shear, 60 cm long, provides great power and reduces the effort required for cutting. Its tubular aluminum handles and rubber shock absorbers make the work easy, offering lightness and comfort. It allows for a cutting diameter of up to 35 mm thanks to its powerful blade.

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Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw

Lightweight and maneuverable, this pole saw allows you to reach great heights and navigate through dense vegetation with ease. The cutting is fast, simple, and secure, putting an end to acrobatics on a ladder, the Zübat telescopic saw allows you to keep your feet on the ground!

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