Pruning Saw Pocketboy 170-10
  • Pruning Saw Pocketboy 170-10
  • Pruning Saw Pocketboy 170-10
  • Pruning Saw Pocketboy 170-10
  • Pruning Saw Pocketboy 170-10

Pruning Saw Pocketboy 170-10

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The Pocketboy 170-10 pruning saw is a true multifunctional saw. It quickly becomes ideal for various pruning activities in the garden, camping, bushcraft, or even for municipal employees. Despite its small size, it offers the same performance as its larger cousin the Bigboy! Thanks to its compactness, the Pocketboy easily slips into your pocket, ensuring immediate availability.

The lightness and perfect balance of the Pocketboy allow for exceptionally smooth cutting, even in dense spaces.

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The remarkably sharp teeth quickly cut through the wood. Even after frequent use, the teeth remain sharp, promoting quick healing of the tree thanks to the smooth cut left by the saw.

Once your task is completed, the blade of the Pocketboy easily folds back with the locking lever. The sharp teeth are fully protected as they retract into the handle. When you need the saw, unfolding it is easy thanks to the notch in the blade, even when wearing gloves. The locking lever allows you to secure the blade in two different positions.

The rubber handle absorbs vibrations, providing a perfect grip. The Pocketboy remains comfortable and easy to handle, even after extended use. The hole in the handle allows you to attach it to a rope or carabiner.

Carry the Pocketboy on your belt in the original transparent hard case or choose a suitable rubber case. This folding saw easily fits into a toolbox.

The Pocketboy is available in four different tooth configurations:

Coarse (8 teeth per 30 mm), also available with a curved blade

Medium (10 teeth per 30 mm)

Fine (20 teeth per 30 mm)

Extra-fine (26 teeth per 30 mm)

The blade must be kept clean to maintain its effectiveness. Resin dissolves with olive oil, a natural way to maintain the blade.

When using the saw, make sure it is completely dry before folding it back. Put the sheath back on the blade and store the saw in a dry place.

Remember to regularly check that the blade screws are securely tightened.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
Denture: 10 teeth over 30mm
SK-4 Steel
210 grams
1.4 mm notch
Blade length
170 mm
Length (cm)
Unfolded: 375 * 65 * 25 mm
folded: 210 * 60 * 25 mm

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