Design, Manufacturing, and Improvement of Agricultural Tools and Equipment in Aveyron

Located in Moyrazès, near Rodez (Aveyron), La Fabriculture designs and manufactures gardening and market gardening equipment, custom-made equipment, agricultural equipment, and ironwork - metalwork for individuals, professionals, and associations. We also offer subcontracting services for tool professionals, inventors, or associations.

Our company's goal is to be self-sufficient throughout the manufacturing cycle. Our design office develops innovative tools internally or in collaboration with partners. We also aim to revive old tools by promoting common-sense farming practices! We manufacture these tools in our workshop and sell them directly and through our partners and resellers.

Our tools are crafted in an artisanal way, inspired by the principles of permaculture. This approach is based on observing natural cycles and ecosystems to cultivate in harmony with nature and humans while being ecological, organic, and sustainable.

Our driving force, our passion, lies in the custom design and creation of metal structures, special machines, garden and agricultural tools. Understanding that each garden, each farm, each house, each project is unique, we strive to best meet each of your demands.

French manufacturing france.pngMade in Aveyron