Accessories and spare parts for your cutting tools.

Accessories and spare parts for your cutting tools.

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Anti-cut jaw

The anti-notch jaw is an accessory that can be installed to replace the standard jaw on your shrub puller or reinforced shrub puller. This version is equipped with a rubber protection that allows the shrub to be extracted gently, preserving the trunk. It is mainly designed for nurserymen, landscapers, and horticulturists who aim to extract shrubs intended for sale or for later replanting.

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Leatherman Bit Kit (21 pieces)

The bit set increases the capabilities of your bit driver with its 21 double-ended bits, providing a total of 42 additional tools. Use the bit set with all tools and knives equipped with bit drivers or the removable bit driver accessory.

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Sharpening stone 28/29 cm

Sharpening stone about 28 cm long, designed to sharpen scythes, sickles, or your other cutting tools. The stone has a rather fine grain, allowing for a razor-sharp edge on your cutting tools.

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Sharpening stone for axes Hultafors

With the Hultafors sharpening stone, sharpen your axe with ease and safety. Its weight of 220 grams and its leather protective cover make it a practical accessory to carry everywhere you go. Equipped with two sides, this stone offers maximum versatility: one coarse side with a grit of 180, perfect for reshaping your axe or knife blade, and one fine side with a grit of 600 for precise sharpening of your axe. The stone is designed to provide a firm grip, allowing you to work safely. With this sharpening stone, your tools will always stay sharp, no matter where you are!

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Stabilizer for uprooting shrubs & stakes

An optional stabilizer for bush pullers. This accessory is particularly suitable for working on wet and soft soils. It is equipped with two studs on each of its two adjustable arms, which significantly improves its stability. To facilitate the transport of this stabilizer, two handles are integrated into the frame.

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