Hand tools

Here is our range of hand tools for the garden. Reliable and sturdy tools that you will keep for a long time!

Here is our range of hand tools for the garden. Reliable and sturdy tools that you will keep for a long time!

Hand tools

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Adjustable aluminum rake

The adjustable aluminum rake is ideal for working on large surfaces, preparing vegetable beds, or raking grass seeds. These very wide models are suitable for growing beds of 60 to about 80 cm. The rake is available in two sizes, 17 teeth of 760 mm or 18 teeth of 600 mm. The rake comes with its 155 cm handle.

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Forged hand hoe - forked tip - toothed tip

Discover the serfouette, handcrafted by the Forges de la Montagne Noire, located in the mountain range of the same name in the Tarn region! The serfouette is an essential and versatile tool for the garden. With its sharp blade, forked tip, and ergonomic 135 cm handle, the serfouette is ideal for hoeing, weeding, and preparing your soil. Due to its handcrafted nature, each tool comes with small imperfections, making each piece unique and adding to its beauty. The tools are sold with handles and can be fitted onto a standard hoe handle with a diameter of Ø42 mm.

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Forged hoe

Discover the traditional handcrafted forged hoes made by the Forges de la Montagne Noire, located in the mountain range of the same name in the Tarn region! The hoe is an essential and versatile tool in the garden. Simple to use, it requires little effort and is precisely designed to last. With its sharp blade and ergonomic 135 cm handle, this hoe is ideal for hoeing, weeding, and preparing your soil with ease. We offer it in two versions, one called "Aveyron" (of course...) and a standard shape which is the most popular. With its small imperfections due to its artisanal craftsmanship, each tool is unique and contributes to the beauty of each piece. The tools are sold with handles that fit on a standard hoe handle with a Ø42 mm diameter.

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Galvanized steel harvest baskets and nets

Discover the galvanized steel harvest baskets! Combining lightness and strength, they are perfect for accompanying you in the garden, by the sea, or simply as interior decoration! Designed and manufactured in Brittany, they are durable thanks to their steel construction and wooden handle, and will accompany you for a long time in your daily activities! This is a handmade product crafted in a small workshop, production times may sometimes be a bit long!

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Galvanized steel watering can

Here is a sturdy and lightweight galvanized steel watering can with a round nozzle. Available in 2L and 10L, they allow watering in the garden or at home!

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Hand stop

The hand hoe is a classic tool in the vegetable garden. It is used to hill up certain plants grown in rows such as potatoes, celery, endive, asparagus, leeks, beans, etc. It also allows for digging a furrow before planting (especially for potatoes, bulbs, etc.). Delivered with a 155 cm handle.

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Metal dibble

Here is a very sturdy dibble made of steel. It is useful for planting small plants and bulbs.

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Odinette arborist / nurseryman

This tool for arborists and nurserymen is inspired by the grelinette. The Odinette arboriste features long, reinforced teeth for digging up shrubs and seedlings. It also decompacts and aerates the soil to greater depths than our standard-length tools. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Due to the high stresses to which the tool is subjected, and depending on its use, we guarantee our welds for 2 years.

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Polygator tree root cutter spade

This tree root-cutting spade is a versatile tool for planting, digging, uprooting, sawing, and splitting. A new essential for the garden! The spade is ideal for cutting bamboo, shrubs, or trees with hard-to-dig, split, or plant roots. Made of extra-hardened steel, the spade has sharp teeth on both sides. This also makes it easier to drive the spade deeper into the ground, even when the soil is dry and hard. Following frequent breakages on wooden handles, we now offer the version made of 5001 fiber from Polet, known to be 5 times stronger than the standard handle.

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Senlis spade

The Senlis spade, a classic tool in the garden, has been revisited and reinforced for heavy-duty work. Very sturdy, it is useful in the vegetable garden for digging the soil, planting small shrubs, or for your general landscaping work.

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Silloneur 3 or 5 teeth

The Silloneur allows you to quickly create furrows manually. Available in two sizes, 50 and 80 cm, its 5 adjustable tines will save you time when drawing lines and planting your young plants! Our furrowers are sold with 155 cm handles.

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Stainless steel planting trowel

The planting spade allows you to work the soil without putting strain on the wrist. When the seedlings are ready, it is necessary to dig a hole with a diameter that should be double the size of the root mass. The planting spade has the ideal diameter for this purpose! This tool is made entirely of stainless steel.

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The Odinette

This tool, inspired by the Grelinette, is used to start a garden, loosen compacted soil, and aerate it at a selection of widths (from 3 to 8 tines). It can also be used for transplanting leeks. Defaultly sold with 120cm handles, it is possible to select without handles or with 145cm handles.

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The Odinette with long teeth

This 5-tine tool is inspired by the Grelinette. The 30 cm long tines allow for loosening and aerating the soil at greater depths than our standard tool. Due to the significant stresses the tool is subjected to and depending on the gardener's usage, we guarantee our welds for 2 years.

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Vine hoe Polet

The Polet vine hoe is an essential tool for winemakers. Its practical size, lightweight design, and 120 cm handle make it the ideal tool for planting or replanting young vines. The ergonomic design, with a long handle, ensures easy maneuverability between the rows. Made with high-quality steel, each hoe is hand-forged and tempered to ensure robustness and durability. The ash wood handle provides a comfortable grip.

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