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The hand hoe is a classic tool in the vegetable garden. It is used to hill up certain plants grown in rows such as potatoes, celery, endive, asparagus, leeks, beans, etc. It also allows for digging a furrow before planting (especially for potatoes, bulbs, etc.).

Delivered with a 155 cm handle.

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Hilling consists of bringing the soil around the base of certain vegetable plants to:

  • promote the development of the underground part
  • provide freshness
  • support the plants
  • protect from the cold
  • allow for blanching of certain stems (leeks, etc.). Indeed, hilling serves to deprive certain parts of the vegetables of light. This technique helps eliminate their bitterness or make them more tender.
  • when combined with mulching, protect the root system from the cold in winter.
  • grow plants that do not tolerate constant moisture in heavy soil (e.g. garlic).

Feuille de données

Height (total)
170 cm
Working width
23 cm
Depth / Height
22 cm

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