Professional Sugoi 360 fixed pruning saw
  • Professional Sugoi 360 fixed pruning saw
  • Professional Sugoi 360 fixed pruning saw
  • Professional Sugoi 360 fixed pruning saw
  • Professional Sugoi 360 fixed pruning saw

Professional Sugoi 360 fixed pruning saw

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The Silky Sugoi 360-6.5-5.5 is a practical fixed saw, ideal for professionals or demanding individuals.

Thanks to its curved blade, this saw offers an advantage when working at height or close to the ground, as no extra force is needed to saw above the branch. This allows you to easily reach and cut more branches while keeping your arms, wrists, and hands in a natural and comfortable position.

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The blade is made from a special alloy that makes the saw both flexible and durable. It has a length of 360 mm and extra-large teeth. Additionally, the saw blade features a sharp stop at the end, making it easier to keep the saw in the cutting groove. The rubber handle provides an excellent grip and reduces vibrations during cutting, even in wet conditions or when wearing gloves.

The Sugoi saw is suitable for both green and hard wood and is recommended for branch diameters of up to approximately 18 cm.

It comes with a lightweight orange polypropylene case, equipped with removable loops. This case can be attached to a harness or leg using the included straps.

Like all Japanese saws, this saw should be pulled towards you while ensuring the blade is never locked when pushing it forward to avoid damage. If the blade gets stuck, lift the saw to release it, then resume cutting. As with any saw, let it do the work and do not force it. This way, less effort is required, and the tool's lifespan is extended. Furthermore, the position of your hand on the handle affects the cut. When holding the handle close to the blade, you exert low pressure and can cut small amounts of wood, allowing for more precise tasks. Conversely, if you use the saw with your hand far from the blade, you will cut faster but with less precision.

The blade must remain clean to maintain its efficiency. Resin dissolves with olive oil, a natural way to maintain the blade.

When using the saw, ensure it is completely dry before folding it. Put the sheath back on the blade and store the saw in a dry place.

Remember to frequently check that the blade screws are securely tightened.

Feuille de données

on material and manufacturing defects: lifetime warranty
650 grams
Rigid plastic handle with anti-slip reinforcements
Blade length
36 cm
Length (cm)
57 cm

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