Hache merlin Premium Hultafors Hult
  • Hache merlin Premium Hultafors Hult
  • Hache merlin Premium Hultafors Hult
  • Hache merlin Premium Hultafors Hult
  • Hache merlin Premium Hultafors Hult

Hache merlin Premium Hultafors Hult

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The Premium Hultafors Hult Merlin axe is a sturdy axe designed for splitting logs and wood. The shape of the head, combined with a slightly convex edge, allows for efficient wood splitting. The axe features a long, straight handle made of American hickory, providing optimal speed and control when splitting logs.

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Hand-forged and made from high-carbon steel in the forges of Hults Bruk, which dates back to 1697. The name of this axe originates from Hult, the region where Hults Bruk was founded. Like most old Swedish geographical names, it describes the surrounding landscape of the location. Take care of your axe and it will remain a faithful companion for many years to come. Thanks to the quality and craftsmanship of this axe, we offer a full lifetime guarantee on the axe head.

Forged from high-carbon steel, the axe head is robust. Its edge is hardened to maintain sharpness and strength, while remaining easy to sharpen. Hultafors axes are known for their reliability and come with a lifetime warranty on the heads of Premium models.

American hickory wood is chosen for the handle of this axe, known for its excellent shock absorption without risk of breaking. It is an ideal material for axes and hammers, providing a comfortable grip and great durability.

The heads of the Premium collection axes are made in the same way as those in the Agdor range, but with an additional touch of artisanal quality. After forging, each head is hand-finished by experienced craftsmen, ensuring precise geometry and optimal hardness. The sharpening is meticulously done with a mirror polish and a formidable edge straight from the forges!

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
American hickory handle
leather case
Height (total)
75 cm
2.140 kg
Blade length
7 cm
Hardness of steel
55 HRD (on Rockwell Hardness C scale)
Type of steel
high carbon steel

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