Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw
  • Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw
  • Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw
  • Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw
  • Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw
  • Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw
  • Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw

Zübat 2700-7.5 2-section pole saw

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Lightweight and maneuverable, this pole saw allows you to reach great heights and navigate through dense vegetation with ease. The cutting is fast, simple, and secure, putting an end to acrobatics on a ladder, the Zübat telescopic saw allows you to keep your feet on the ground!

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The Zübat pole saw allows you to prune all day long as it requires little energy. Simply place the blade on the branch and let the weight of the saw do the work. The sharp teeth quickly cut through thick branches, leaving a smooth cut to promote tree healing.

The oval-shaped aluminum pole provides precise control of the blade, adding strength and rigidity along its entire length while minimizing bending, contributing to the overall sturdiness compared to tubular handles. With a folded length of only 1750 mm, the pole is easy to store and transport.

Two locking systems, push buttons and levers, ensure stable and secure locking at the desired length of the pole. The bottom of the pole is coated with a rubber strip for a comfortable grip, even in wet conditions. Additionally, a bumper at the end protects the pole from falls and impacts.

Always prioritize your safety by standing in a secure area, away from falling branches, and wearing a helmet as well as safety glasses.

The Japanese word "Zübat" originates from the sound made by a samurai's sword when striking its target.

Available options:

Fox Hook attachment to mount under the blade: allows for easy release of stuck branches by pulling downward. Also practical for placing or retrieving your climbing rope at the top of the tree.

The blade should be kept clean to maintain its efficiency. Resin can be dissolved with olive oil, a natural way to maintain the blade.

When you have finished using the saw, make sure it is completely dry before storing it. Put the sheath back on the blade and store the saw in a dry place.

Remember to frequently check that the blade screws are tightly secured.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
Denture: 7.5 teeth over 30mm
SK-4 Steel
1 kg 360 translates to 1.36 kg in English.
1.4 mm notch
Blade length
330 mm
Length (cm)
Deployed: 2650 x 150 x 45 mm
Folded: 1750 x 150 x 55 mm

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