Pruning shears Okatsune 306 with rounded blades
  • Pruning shears Okatsune 306 with rounded blades
  • Pruning shears Okatsune 306 with rounded blades
  • Pruning shears Okatsune 306 with rounded blades
  • Pruning shears Okatsune 306 with rounded blades

Pruning shears Okatsune 306 with rounded blades

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The Okatsune 306 professional rounded-tipped pruning shears specially designed for cutting tender stems. The fine blades (2.3 mm) of these pruning shears are the thinnest in the Okatsune range. Its thinness combined with the rounded tips prevent damage to fruits, flowers, or even hands. These pruning shears can also be used for cuttings, pruning, and cutting string and paper. The Okatsune 306 pruning shears are not designed for cutting hard stems, for which it is recommended to use the Okatsune 307.

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Features :

- Sharpened like a razor blade for a consistently clean cut;

- Simple design for optimal and easy use;

- Ultra-lightweight and particularly sturdy.

The blades of this Japanese pine tree shear (Mekri Basami) are forged from Izumo Yasugi steel and have a very high hardness rating of 59 to 60 on the Rockwell scale. As a result, the blades stay sharp longer, providing a precise and clean wood cut effortlessly. Additionally, Okatsune combines hardness with special flexibility, ensuring that the blade remains aligned with the counter blade and does not break.

The blade is sharpened at two angles, resulting in a smooth wood cut that does not unnecessarily damage the plant. With its unique hollow shape at the base, the blade allows sap to flow, and the blades do not spread apart. The V-shaped spring evenly distributes the effort along the entire length of the spring, ensuring smooth closure.


The scissors are made with components that require some maintenance. It is recommended to clean the blades after use and oil them occasionally. Store them with the blades closed, away from moisture. If you notice the blades are not cutting well, you can sharpen them with a sharpening stone.

Feuille de données

118 grams
Blade length
45 mm
Length (cm)
193 mm
Hardness of steel
59 - 60 HRD (on Rockwell Hardness C scale)
Type of steel
Izumo Yasugi is a city located in the Shimane Prefecture in Japan.
Blade thickness
2.3 mm

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