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LPO nest box for Hoopoe
  • LPO nest box for Hoopoe
  • LPO nest box for Hoopoe

LPO nest box for Hoopoe

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Nest box for hoopoe in Douglas fir, entrance hole 60 mm.

Did you know that the hoopoe has a colorful erectile crest that can reach up to 15 cm in length, which it raises to impress other birds and predators?

Designed by the LPO and manufactured by the ESAT du Morvan (Nièvre), in Douglas fir from sustainably managed forests, weather-resistant.

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The Hoopoe population is generally declining in France (by 20 to 50% since the 1970s). The reasons for its disappearance? Pesticides and the loss of its favorite habitats: open spaces with old trees, dry stone walls, orchards...

To offer it new nesting sites, you can install this nesting box, preferably placed along a tree trunk at 1.50 meters above the ground, in a clear area, away from your home, and in a quiet location.

Equipped with a mounting bar at the back for easy installation and a reinforcement at the top for waterproofing.

Maintenance advice: Easy cleaning from the side by unscrewing the plate.

Why install bird nesting boxes?

The scarcity of natural nesting sites (hollow trees, holes in buildings or under roofs...) is a significant obstacle to the reproduction of nesting birds in our gardens. Thus, tits, nuthatches, treecreepers, and redstarts struggle to find a place to build their nests.

To address this issue and contribute to the protection of these birds, you can install bird nesting boxes in your gardens or on your buildings! They are a valuable help for these species.

The bird nesting box models we offer, designed or selected by the LPO, provide the necessary guarantees for nesting success.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
Height (total)
37 cm
21 cm
2.554 kg
Length (cm)
22 cm
France (Nièvre)
Takeoff hole
60 mm
LPO stands for "League for the Protection of Birds" in English.

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