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Sunny 34 mm birdhouse
  • Sunny 34 mm birdhouse
  • Sunny 34 mm birdhouse

Sunny 34 mm birdhouse

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The Sunny 34 mm nest box is designed to welcome great tits, house sparrows, tree sparrows, and Eurasian nuthatches.

Equipped with a 34 mm predator-proof entrance, this nest box made of Douglas fir wood, naturally resistant to decay and durable without treatment against the effects of weather, insects, and harsh conditions, will make an ideal home for a large and beautiful family. Its dimensions (28 x 22 x 20 cm) are suitable for accommodating 5 to 10 nestlings.

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Mounting: Thanks to its metal tab fixed to the back of the Sunny birdhouse, simply pass a cable through it and tighten it around a tree. You can also use our specially designed aluminum nails that won't harm or hinder tree growth.

Maintenance tips: Clean from the side.

Once the nesting season is over, clean out any nest residue by opening the swiveling hatch provided on the side of the birdhouse. You can use our ready-to-use biodegradable disinfectant. Your birdhouse will then be ready to welcome a new brood next season.

Instructions for use: The birdhouse can be maintained annually with linseed oil.

Why install birdhouses?

The scarcity of natural nesting sites (hollow trees, holes in buildings or under roofs, etc.) is a significant obstacle to the reproduction of nesting birds in our gardens. As a result, tits, nuthatches, treecreepers, and redstarts struggle to find a place to build their nests.

To address this issue and contribute to the protection of these birds, you can install birdhouses in your gardens or on your buildings! They provide valuable assistance to these species.

The birdhouse models we offer, designed or selected by the LPO, provide the necessary guarantees for successful nesting.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
5 years
Height (total)
28 cm
22 cm
1.272 kg
Length (cm)
20 cm
France (Savoie)
Takeoff hole
34 mm

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