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LPO Eco Nest Box
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  • LPO Eco Nest Box
  • LPO Eco Nest Box
  • LPO Eco Nest Box

LPO Eco Nest Box

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A multi-species nesting box designed by the LPO to welcome birds to your garden.

Did you know that by installing nesting boxes to welcome birds to your garden, you can help control pest populations through your avian guests? Tits and nuthatches, for example, are natural predators of many harmful insects such as processionary caterpillars or aphids.

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Designed by the LPO and manufactured by ESAT Le Breuil (Charente-Maritime), this birdhouse made of marine plywood from the Landes pine forest is specially designed to accommodate cavity-nesting and semi-cavity-nesting garden birds. Its modular front facade allows it to be used for different bird species:

- The front with a 28 mm entrance hole for smaller species of tits like the blue tit, crested tit, coal tit, and marsh tit.

- The front with a 32 mm entrance hole for medium-sized birds: great tit, Eurasian nuthatch, house sparrow, and tree sparrow.

- Without a facade, in a semi-open version for semi-cavity-nesting birds: European robin, grey wagtail, European pied flycatcher, and black redstart.

Why install birdhouses?

The scarcity of natural nesting sites (hollow trees, holes in buildings or under roofs, etc.) is a significant obstacle to the breeding of nesting birds in our gardens. Therefore, tits, nuthatches, treecreepers, and redstarts struggle to find a place to build their nests.

To address this issue and contribute to the protection of these birds, you can install birdhouses in your gardens or on your buildings! They provide valuable assistance to these species.

The birdhouse models we offer, designed or selected by the LPO, provide the necessary guarantees for successful nesting.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
Height (total)
21 cm
11 cm
743 grams
Length (cm)
13 cm
France (Charente-Maritime)
Takeoff hole
Modulable means modular in English.
LPO stands for "League for the Protection of Birds" in English.

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