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LPO Semi-Open First Nest Box
  • LPO Semi-Open First Nest Box

LPO Semi-Open First Nest Box

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The semi-open LPO First birdhouse is made with spruce wood boards from sustainably managed forests, with a thickness of 15 mm that gives it excellent durability over time.

Its roof overhang provides perfect protection for nesting.

Its large entrance allows various common garden bird species to settle in (robin, spotted flycatcher, grey wagtail, and black redstart).

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Did you know?

The Robin, which can occupy this nest box, is fond of insects. A brood can consume up to 500 insects per day!

Also available in 28 mm (JO1110) and 34 mm (JO1108).

Maintenance tips: It is recommended to clean the nest box every year to prevent the risks of disease and parasite infestation. To do this, empty the nest box of all its materials and brush the inside with a wire brush. If necessary, you can use a blowtorch to destroy parasites or coat the nest box with thyme or wild thyme essence. Repair or seal the nest box if necessary and check the strength of its attachment. It is advisable to carry out these works after the breeding season, preferably in September-October, as there is little risk of disturbing bats, dormice, garden dormice, wasps, or other hymenoptera that may take up residence in the nest boxes. For easy cleaning, you can open the roof of the nest box.

Instructions for use: You can install it at the beginning of winter, some birds will find refuge there. The nest box should be installed in a quiet place, out of reach of curious onlookers and predators, at a height of 1.50 to 3 meters, slightly tilted downwards to prevent water from entering when it rains, and the entrance hole should be facing south or southeast.

Precautions for use: It is important not to disturb the intimate life of your guests by opening the nest box during the nesting period, as they could abandon their offspring. You can observe the comings and goings of the parents as well as the first outings of the young from a distance using binoculars and by remaining watchful.

Why install bird nest boxes?

The scarcity of natural nesting sites (hollow trees, holes in buildings or under roofs, etc.) is a major obstacle to the reproduction of nesting birds in our gardens. Thus, tits, nuthatches, treecreepers, and redstarts struggle to find a place to build their nest.

To address this issue and contribute to the protection of these birds, you can install bird nest boxes in your gardens or on your buildings! They provide valuable assistance to these species.

The bird nest box models we offer, designed or selected by the LPO, provide the necessary guarantees for successful nesting.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
Height (total)
26 cm
15 cm
917 grams
Length (cm)
17 cm
Takeoff hole
- Packet with 2 screws
- Metal latch (hook)
LPO stands for "League for the Protection of Birds" in English.

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