From school to the garden
  • From school to the garden
  • From school to the garden
  • From school to the garden
  • From school to the garden
  • From school to the garden
  • From school to the garden
  • From school to the garden

From school to the garden

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Educational Gardening Guide in School Settings

What if the change in our relationship with food started from a young age, at school, with both hands in the soil? Karine Lévesque firmly believes that the practice of educational gardening can help us address certain challenges related to education, the environment, and agriculture. As a teacher working with youth aged 15 to 21 in Montreal, she initiated an innovative educational garden project with her students, which has sparked interest from several schools today, highlighting the importance of building connections between schools and the community.

To equip teachers who wish to embark on a similar adventure, the author has gathered all the relevant information here to start an educational garden and ensure its success. What to grow, when to start planting seeds, and what to do with the harvest? How to design the garden area? Should you cultivate in ground or above ground? What educational goals can be achieved? Where to find resources to succeed? How to build relationships with the community? How to lead an outdoor class? How to integrate gardening with the requirements of different educational programs? How to manage time according to the school calendar? These are just some of the questions answered by Karine Lévesque with great generosity.

Divided into two parts – the courtyard side (theory) and the garden side (practice) – this guide provides numerous tips on horticulture and education, as well as management and planning. Richly illustrated, it will appeal to school staff, as well as early childhood educators, association leaders, parents, regardless of the available cultivable area. Expertly demonstrating the many benefits of gardening practices in a school environment, this essential work, inspired by Jean-Martin Fortier's "The Market Gardener," certainly contributes to the ongoing agricultural revolution.

“The educational gardening movement is still in its infancy, but it is growing rapidly. And the book you hold in your hands will be one of the catalysts for the coming years. […] Drawing on her experience as a teacher and as the founder of the educational garden Les Jardins des Patriotes, Karine Lévesque generously shares the lessons she has learned in the field and through the training sessions she conducts.”

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