The vegetable garden
  • The vegetable garden
  • The vegetable garden
  • The vegetable garden
  • The vegetable garden
  • The vegetable garden
  • The vegetable garden
  • The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden

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Self-sufficiency and no-till gardening

The essential guide to succeeding in your garden without depleting the soil and achieving food self-sufficiency.

Choosing to act daily according to one's convictions? This is the choice that Marie-Thérèse Thévard (Marie-Thé, for insiders) made about thirty years ago by successfully developing her food self-sufficiency through no-till gardening in Saguenay, her adopted region in Quebec. Le jardin vivrier recounts her practices, convictions, and research to embody an ecological lifestyle based on independence from fossil fuels, resilience, healthy eating, permaculture, agroecology, and community living. Designed to guide month by month all the steps to achieve a flourishing organic vegetable garden, this manual details the principles and techniques for growing vegetables, fruits, legumes, and even cereals. A guiding principle drives her approach: no-till gardening. Faced with soil depletion, which is the fate of industrial agriculture, Marie-Thé advocates for "the genius of the soil," avoiding plowing while enriching it with mulch. All of this in a boreal climate, in a context considered challenging for market gardening.

Marie-Thé's many years of experience will teach you:

The principles of permaculture, agroecology, and no-till gardening;

Crop associations to create a living and resilient ecosystem;

Techniques to protect crops from the cold;

Biological methods to get rid of major pests;

A toolkit to organize your garden (storage, tools, seeding, planting, and harvesting calendars);

Methods for preserving vegetables and seasonal recipes;

The essentials of poultry farming.

Written by Marie-Thé's daughter, Le jardin vivrier is the essential guide to succeeding in your kitchen garden through no-till gardening and gradually achieving food self-sufficiency. Richly illustrated with diagrams and photos, this book is a must-have for ecological gardening.

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Agriculture / Food / Peasant farming
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