The Market Gardener
  • The Market Gardener
  • The Market Gardener
  • The Market Gardener
  • The Market Gardener
  • The Market Gardener
  • The Market Gardener
  • The Market Gardener

The Market Gardener

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Driven by the international success of the first edition of The Market Gardener, Jean-Martin Fortier continued to refine his diversified market gardening techniques and to test tools to optimize his organic crops on a small scale.

In this new revised and expanded edition, he once again generously shares his expertise to help those who dream of starting in organic farming and market gardeners looking to improve their farming practices. Yes, it is possible to cultivate organic vegetables intensively on less than a hectare of land, to feed hundreds of people through short food supply chains, and to make a profit from your micro-farm!

Now considered a reference in organic farming, this practical guide provides cultivation notes on over 25 vegetables and teaches you, step by step, how to:

  • choose a site location inspired by permaculture;
  • minimize initial investments for your business;
  • use alternative machinery to tractors;
  • cultivate in permanent beds with minimal soil disturbance;
  • organically fertilize your crops;
  • effectively combat diseases and harmful insects;
  • weed using the best tools;
  • extend the growing season by "forcing" crops;
  • develop a crop calendar;
  • create a sound financial plan.

Sold in over 50,000 copies and translated into several languages, The Market Gardener is a must-read for those who want to practice ecological, local, and truly nourishing agriculture. The time has come to turn away from industrial agriculture, dependent on petroleum, which is so harmful to our health and our environment. The agricultural revolution is underway, and this book is the perfect tool to participate in it.

“One of the most encouraging things for me is to see the number of young, enthusiastic, educated, and politicized individuals who deeply wish to learn the art of producing food sustainably. In the near future, this community will form a powerful critical mass and, when the time comes, we will no longer be ignored.”

— Jean-Martin Fortier

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Jean-Martin FORTIER
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238 pages
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