Compactor roller
  • Compactor roller
  • Compactor roller
  • Compactor roller
  • Compactor roller

Semi-mounted hay mower

This large-diameter heavy roller is intended for:

- farmers to improve the establishment and harvesting of pastures.

- nut producers to improve harvesting.

- winemakers

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Thanks to its large diameter and weight, it allows to push the rocks down and firmly press the seed for better germination.

Its specificity lies in its easy transportability on the road thanks to its wheel-mounted design and the 2 hydraulic jacks.

This roller can be filled with water through a plug,

It also comes equipped with a scraper.

This roller is road-approved with a registration certificate.

Our ancestors used to say, "for a good establishment of a meadow, we could ride a bicycle over it!"

Feuille de données

3m useful and 3.20m overall
Up to 5,400 tons filled with water.
-Tube thickness 13 mm-Welded frame thickness 6 mm-Roller mounted on two bearings with a diameter of 70 mm.