Adjustable aluminum rake
  • Adjustable aluminum rake
  • Adjustable aluminum rake
  • Adjustable aluminum rake
  • Adjustable aluminum rake
  • Adjustable aluminum rake
  • Adjustable aluminum rake

Adjustable aluminum rake

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The adjustable aluminum rake is ideal for working on large surfaces, preparing vegetable beds, or raking grass seeds. These very wide models are suitable for growing beds of 60 to about 80 cm.

The rake is available in two sizes, 17 teeth of 760 mm or 18 teeth of 600 mm.

The rake comes with its 155 cm handle.

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The aluminum rake makes it easy to prepare the soil before sowing grass, to rake or cover the seed in the soil, or to collect chopped grass, clippings, etc.

Made of aluminum, it's the perfect lightweight tool for preparing, levelling and breaking up small clods on a cultivation bed. It can be used to spread mulch, to easily replace mulch, to level out RCW on a walkway, etc.

Available in 60 cm and 76 cm widths, its lightness and sturdiness make it an ideal ally for garden work!

The 60/19D and 76/17D cm rakes have aluminum bushes, while the 60/18D cm rake has a plastic bush.

You can adjust the inclination of the socket in relation to the handle to choose the desired working angle.

It is also possible to move the sleeve between the tines at any point on the tube, for example to work off-center on the end of a board.

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Height (total)
167.5 cm
76 cm
Working width
72.5 cm

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