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To create rows and perform precise weeding in light soils, the Bio-discs is the ideal tool!

It attaches to a double-wheeled garden hoe and has two positions: one for creating rows of vegetables, the other for precise weeding (by uncovering the soil).

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Thanks to the hilling position, the Bio-discs bring the soil back onto the row to smother weed seedlings. It is the ideal tool for sowing beans, onions, or leeks.

The Bio-discs are also perfect for weeding young seedlings. Equipped with two parabolas, the tool follows the sowing lines, pushing the soil aside at the edge of the sowing row, thus uprooting the seedlings closest to the crops. This results in precise weeding.

The Bio-discs are also equipped with two straight discs to adjust the working depth of the two parabolas. They allow you to closely follow the sowing line. In the weeding position, you can work without stirring up as much soil as with hoes.

Caution: Bio-discs should not be used in stony soils. The work will not be consistent. Depending on the soil type, it may also be advisable to remove the straight disc to prevent clogging.

Feuille de données

1 year
Height (total)
240 mm
Working width
minimum 40 mm / maximum 135 mm
1.5 kg

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