140 cm sleeve
  • 140 cm sleeve
  • Handle 155 cm

Handle 155 cm

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Wooden handle, 155 cm long, providing good ergonomics and comfort when using light tools.

This wooden handle fits all models of hoes, brooms, rakes, and furrowers.

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Attaching this handle is done with a nail or a screw.

It is recommended for the durability of your handle to apply a layer of linseed oil and turpentine (dosage recommended by the product manufacturers).

For better resistance, it is important to drive the handles in the direction of the wood grain. The lines that can be seen on the top of a wooden handle should be perpendicular to the line of the tool's teeth.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
Untreated wood
Handle diameter
28 mm
Height (total)
1550 mm

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