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The Pic Rond is a manual weeder that is particularly effective on stabilized and gravel surfaces. Incorporating the patented StabNet process, this tool allows effortless weeding by "push-pull" on gravel and sandy surfaces. Its convex shape makes it a durable and self-sharpening cutting tool.

The Pic Rond is ideal for:

- Weeding on roads or in gardens;

- Surface weeding on loose surfaces (sand, gravel, stabilized surfaces);

- Cleaning gravel paths without disturbing the sublayer;

- Stripping narrow passages: flower beds, cemeteries;

- Effortless maintenance: push-pull principle.

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Inspired by the patented StabNet® process, this tool is used for weeding loose surfaces: gravel, sand, soil, etc.

The user works effortlessly by pushing and pulling while maintaining an upright posture.

Its convex shape makes it a self-sharpening weeding tool.

Feuille de données

Height (total)
(from socket to floor) 16 cm
Working width
13 cm
Length of the handles
155 cm
1.49 kg with handle
Morbihan (56) is a department located in the Brittany region of France.

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