Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge
  • Edible forest & fruit hedge

Edible forest & fruit hedge

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Create a forest garden or a fruit hedge in temperate, Mediterranean, and mountainous climates

The forest garden is at the heart of current permaculture designs. Regardless of its name - forest garden, edible forest, nourishing forest, permaculture orchard, or fruit hedge - the idea is to draw inspiration from forest ecosystems, or more precisely from forest edges, to create a multi-layered and nourishing garden. By thus valorizing space in its three dimensions, this principle allows for increased productivity per surface area and the creation of a naturally intensive garden.

Antoine Talin, a landscape architect specialized in permaculture, provides in this book all the keys to designing them, regardless of the cold or drought conditions that may prevail in our regions.

The solutions he proposes make it possible to create agroforestry gardens adapted to climate change and to limit its effects.

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Forest gardens, a sustainable cultivation system for the planet and humanity Cultivating in 3D?

Cultural and culturological challenges

Various forms of agroforestry gardens in permaculture

The ecology of the forest garden

Cultivating virtuous cycles

Accompanying the plant community

Cultivating an ecosystem

Ecological niches

Exotic plants and native plants

My project

Starting from oneself (from one's dreams and needs)

My resources

The location: observe and interact


Designing my garden

Organizing the garden

Placement of elements

Designing the project: how to do it?

Plant associations

The plant palette: which plants for my garden?

The plant composition: I associate my plants, I create guilds

Creating a fruit hedge

Tips for creating a fruit hedge

Examples of planting plans

Limiting factors

Frost Water Wind: designing a windbreak hedge

Light, universal energy

Fertility. A cycle to cultivate

Plant shapes

Size and layer, the vigor of plants

Habit, the shape of plants

Roots, the hidden face of the garden

Foliage, an aerial organ that sets the tone

Arranging your garden

Earthworks and water management

Soil preparation



Gardening your ecosystem

Pruning your forest garden?

The peasant's tree: the coppice

Expanding your garden

Agro-forestry breeding

Antoine TALIN

Antoine Talin is a landscape architect by training, a gardener-nurseryman, and holds a degree in applied permaculture.

In 2010, he founded the Atelier des Alvéoles in Drôme.

Specialized in landscape design, Antoine Talin is passionate about creating virtuous and regenerative systems, combining socio-economic transition and agro-ecological developments.

To date, he has led more than 50 training sessions in France and abroad. He lives in Cobonne in Drôme (26).

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Permaculture & Autonomy
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