Heavy forged sickles
  • Heavy forged sickles
  • Heavy forged sickles
  • Heavy forged sickles

Heavy forged sickles

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Here are two sickles handcrafted by Jean-Luc Bonaventure from Forges de la Montagne Noire, located in the mountain range of the same name in the Tarn region! We offer them in two sizes (50 and 60 cm) depending on the type of plants to be harvested. Heavier than our other sickles, they will accompany you for a lifetime!

With its small imperfections due to its artisanal design, each tool is unique and adds to the beauty of each piece.

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The sickle is versatile and allows for cutting grass, forage, or it is often used for harvesting aromatic and medicinal plants.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
Wooden handle
Material finish
Forged steel
Working width
50 to 60 cm
563 grams for the 50 cm and 567 grams for the 60 cm.

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