Thyme machine
  • Thyme machine
  • Thyme machine
  • Thyme machine

Thyme harvester (for aromatic and medicinal plants)

This customized machine is used to harvest Perfume, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants in open fields. The cutting (Busatis blade) is clean, allowing for effective regrowth.

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This harvester is attached to the back of a tractor and has gauge wheels to adjust the cutting height.

All moving parts are powered by hydraulic motors with electric control in the tractor's cabin.

The hitch swings during operation and realigns with the tractor during transport.

Feuille de données

Composition(s) / Material(s)
-A Busatis blade
-A gatherer
-A smooth conveyor belt
-A platform for one person to bagging
-The whole set is attached behind a tractor
-Two gauge wheels and two dividers at the front